2023 Colored Contacts & Circle Lenses Reviews

Based on 2819 reviews
EOS Fairy Violet
Lucas Higdon (Canton, US)
Instagram: sum0samurai
It was a dare, but I do not regret.

I was dared to get these, but I enjoy them and they’re fun to walk around in public with them on.

EOS New Adult Blue Circle Lens
Lucas Higdon (Canton, US)
Instagram: sum0samurai
Blue eyes

Love them, have been getting compliments for them.

Grang Grang Choco Circle Lens
katie lynn (Lawrenceville, US)
Instagram: @katxvn
my FAVORITE contact lenses ever!!!

i’ve bought my first pair of these last year and ever since, i’ve been so obsessed with them. they make your eyes look super dolly-like and flattering. i can even feel confident on no-makeup days because they bring pop to your eyes so much! i like the regular grang choco lens more than the big grang choco lens, it looks more natural! i can’t even wear my clear contacts anymore because these just make me feel so pretty!!

Geo Tri Color Gray Contacts
katie lynn (Lawrenceville, US)
so cute and so natural looking!!!

so surprised when i got these in the mail to see that they’re sooo pretty. i have dark brown eyes and i hate when i get brighter contacts that look really fake, but these look so natural and very subtle which i love. if you want to go more of a subtle look, i definitely recommend these <3

Vika Bright Green Cosplay Color Lenses
Anika Hussain (Wolverhampton, GB)
Bright green

Dont look natural

Vika Bright Gray Cosplay Color Lenses
Anika Hussain (Wolverhampton, GB)
Very attractive

Stand out

Very attractive

Very attractive and natural

Vassen Shinny Green
Hugo Chavez (Honolulu, US)
Nice color

Nice color and kind of wild looking in certain bright lighting. Especially like how they look in darker lighting the color gradient gives the lens a bit more depth rather than a monochrome lens by comparison.

Nini Brown Colored Contacts
Fernanda Félix (Culiacán, MX)
Beautiful <3

The contacts are really beautiful
I love ittt

EOS Fairy Blue
Alejandra (Bogotá, CO)
Instagram: @daythindreams
Cosplay and daily life recommended

I bought these lenses for cosplay but ended by using them in my daily life, the quality is so good, also they are so vibrant and stand out my eyes even though my natural color is dark brown

Geo Tri Color Brown Contacts
Alejandra (Bogotá, CO)
Instagram: @daythindreams
Lovely color

I wasn't sure about buying this color but it surprise me in a good way, the tone it's simple beautiful and so vibrant

Sick Mary Vampire Red Cosplay Contacts
Saile García (Los Angeles, US)
Lovely red

They look great on top of my naturally brown eyes

Vika Bright Brown Cosplay Color Lenses
Saif Khalid (Shepherds Bush, GB)

I always but my lenses from candylens since the last 5 years! So does my sister and friends! They always make ur eyes pop and give such a nice look! These looked quite mesmerising and natural. So many people always compliment my eyes and ask if they are my natural eyes i always have to tell them no! Highly recommend!

Jace Grey
Instagram: iswariyax
Pretty lens 😘

I get a lot of good compliments when I wear this pair of lenses . It’s comfortable to wear.

Vassen Dolly Plus Brown
rezalskarma (Villeparisis, FR)
Instagram: rezalskarma
Loved those lenses with all my heart !

At first I've buyed it for my Obanai cosplay, with an other pair, but I loved so much the color that I wore them for most of my cosplays since then !

Dolly Eye Blue Circle Lens
Ash (Hamburg, DE)
Instagram: @_kasa.cos_
i love them!!

they're very comfortable and the color shows up beautifully! the sight isn't restricted. would buy again

Instagram: @_kasa.cos_
great contacts!!!

im very satisfied with these contacts! you can actually see pretty good with them, it's just a bit milky if you wear both. when i was wearing just one, at some point i forgot it's even in my eye, very comfortable. as you can see, i have green eyes, and they get covered pretty well.

Geo Twin Brown YH-304
Priscilla Colangeli (Las Vegas, US)
Please sell these contacts again! Why did u discontinue?!?

These contacts are amazing on me!!! I feel so dismayed that these are discontinued!


Comfortable, cute, blends into my eye well and doesn't look super fake. Added effect I was after, well done! Will be ordering again.

Very nice

I wear this lenses already 10 years everyday

My go to lenses

These are adorable and make my eyes pop! I've redordered them for three years now

Beautiful, almost a 5 star

Super cute and comfy contacts! I think I was a bit shocked with how somewhat creepy they look on me haha. But if you have dark green eyes these blend in perfectly!

EOS Big Flower Brown
Cherry blossom (North Vancouver, CA)
Super cute flower

Such a cute coquette girly contact one, I get so many compliments in these contacts I love them ah

Dolly Eye Green Circle Lens
Otter (Adelaide, AU)
Instagram: Otterspace_cosplay
Perfect colour!

Absolutely perfect colour and comfort with these beautiful green contacts.
Very easy to put in and wear for a long period of time. They stand out a lot in the sunlight.

Royal Candy A21 Gray
Ray McCarty (Santee, US)
Instagram: RachMcCarty
So Natural & Comfortable

I purchased these contacts recently, and was so surprised at how comfortable they are. I have naturally blue gray with hints of olive green eyes. Wearing these prescription gray contacts from CandyLens, really brought out the gray in my eyes. I highly recommend them!

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