Vassen Ruby Green Color Contact Lens
Vassen Vassen Ruby Green (know as I.Fairy Ruby Green)

Vassen Ruby Green (know as I.Fairy Ruby Green)

Vendor: Vassen
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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca W (Gangdong-gu, KR)
fun and vivid

they aren't super realistic, but they are very pretty and fun to wear, as well as comfortable!

Great for Party & Cosplay!

Comfort: 9.5/10. When I first put them in they were a bit dry, thus made the first thirty seconds or so of wearing them a bit uncomfortable. After that thirty seconds I felt as though I had absolutely NOTHING in my eye! (Do keep in mind if you are trying contact lenses for the first time that it will be quite uncomfortable the first couple of times you put them in but it gets easier and more natural the more you practice!☺️)

Enlargement: 9/10. These bad boys are definitely worth it if you’re going for a larger iris look ( I.Fairy as a brand is known for their larger contacts). Normally, I tend to stray away from larger contacts considering my own eyes are already quite small, but these enlarged my eye without making me look like a demon child!😂 They’re PERFECT for a dolly eye look! ⠀
⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
Color: 10/10. As someone who has gray-blue eyes naturally, it is EXTREMELY hard to find contacts that create the colors that I want. These contacts are completely opaque, creating that rich, emerald green color I desired! I was also afraid that it wouldn’t blend well with my eye color underneath, but lo and behold my natural color blended in seamlessly!

Overall: 9.5/10. Seriously. If y’all want pretty green contacts and have a lighter natural iris color. Get these! The only reason why I gave them a 9.5 instead of a 10 is because these contacts are solely made for cosplay. I wouldn’t want to wear them on a day to day basis because they definitely aren’t a “natural” green color. But other than that! I absolutely adore these contacts and cannot wait to apply them to some of my upcoming cosplays!😊😊

(Last picture is a comparison for enlargement!) ⠀

Amy Mattaliano
Not what expected

I ordered these lenses and they came sooner than expected. I was so excited. While they fit great, and the prescription was exactly what I ordered, the green tone is barely visible. Much like the Asian girl in the pic, I have dark brown eyes, so I assumed the color would stand out the way it did on her. Sadly this is not the case. While the color is subtle, and attractive, I was hoping for something that would be more visible to gain the exotic look that so many people hope to get with green lenses


the lenses are comfortable , but the color is not seen on my brown eyes


These are pretty comfortable, wore them for about 5 hours and forgot I even had them on, once I got them in. They were a bit large for me (Normal wear 14.2-14.0) lens.

The color is as pictured for the lens itself.
On my natural Catgreen eyes, the lenses were pretty dark, almost deep jungle color.

The lens seemed a little thicker then the G&G and Vassen brands. Over all I am happy with the lens, but not sure I'd by this particular brand again.

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