Vassen Super Crystal Brown Color Contact Lens
Vassen Vassen Super Crystal Brown
Vassen Vassen Super Crystal Brown

Vassen Super Crystal Brown

Vendor: Vassen
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Customer Reviews

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HINATA SHŌYŌ haikyuu Cosplay 🍊🏐🖤

🧡 they‘re super comfortable to wear!

Love them!


odette gasca
Love them!

These were the first lenses I tried from Vassen and from this site. I love them so much. I have light brown eyes and with these on it enlarges them a lot and makes them look even brighter. I love the shiny crystal effect that it has. They do not look the most natural, but look more natural than some other lenses that are a lot more pixelated. These are my all time favorite I only order these and no other brown lenses I have loved more!

Enlargement like woah!

So I have these in green (to cosplay a natural-ish Misty from Pokemon) and loved them so much, I decided to get them in brown to cosplay Go-Go Tomago from Big Hero 6. They blend in just perfectly with my dark brown/black eyes (still vibrant enough to see the color), and you really can't fault the enlargement - it's crazy! Comfort and all are there, as you'd expect with Vassen :3 As they're so large you might get a slight halo effect depending on your iris, but it's pretty cool.

One note though: for some people it might take some time to get used to the pattern, as there's hardly a limbal ring. Think "natural dolly enlargement" :)

Candylens doesn't disappoint of course with their service; communication and all that is top notch. Thanks guys <3

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