Vassen Barbie Eye Super Nudy Green Color Contact Lens
Vassen Vassen Barbie Eye Super Nudy Green
Vassen Vassen Barbie Eye Super Nudy Green
Vassen Vassen Barbie Eye Super Nudy Green

Vassen Barbie Eye Super Nudy Green

Vendor: Vassen
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Booney LaTour
Show up nicely on my brown eyes

Love it and comfortable ❤️

Flavie Gratton

Very long to shipped, but I was kinda happy when I saw that the company gave me an extra pair for free, with a really cute packaging :) ! I use them for a cosplay, and it really fits for the character, color, size and style, so I wasn't disappointed when I received them. I had some troubles figuring out how to put them at first since they're larger than usual, but once it was in my eye, it felt as any other contact. I guess it always depends on the person who wears it !

Natural, ideal for first-timers

Dark-eyed girls and cosplayers, if you're looking for super-vibrancy you might want to look elsewhere. If these are your first lenses and you're looking for something to dip your toes in (so you don't get super freaked out by the change), these are perfect. Think a mild pop of color, and decent enlargement. Wouldn't use these for cosplay but they're fine for everyday wear :)

I personally didn't really like the pixellation on the pattern; but it's what allows your natural eye color to shine/blend and you'd have to look up close to see it. Reminds me a bit of the Geo Princess Mimi series I suppose.

Comfort is great, but of course, check your base curve prescription. Your mileage may vary ;)

Very uncomfortable

Not sure if it was just the pair I got or the brand, but it definitely felt 'thicker' and more rigid than other colour contacts I have gotten before.

I tried it on anyway, and my eyes absolutely did not like it, felt like I had 2-3 layers of contacts on and when I blinked, they shifted and poked the edges of my eyes. Was forced to throw it out :(

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