EOS EOS Super Nudy Pink G207

EOS Super Nudy Pink G207

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So Pretty! color change isn't drastic, but the enlargement is awesome

Natural eye color: dark brown
These contacts are amazing! I ordered them with prescription. From far away they look lavender but as you get closer, you can notice the pink, especially in the light. I don't feel any discomfort whatsoever. It also has a somewhat natural look, it doesn't look too fake.

Prince Robbie

These are a very natural looking lens on me. I have very light blue eyes and it just doesn't seem to pop. I would recommend only for dark colored eyes. You can tell they are pink but they blend so well, it kind of just makes my eyes a weird color that I can't even describe. Still wear them on and off and would encourage others to try them.

Cute dolly eyes!

I am SO in love with these contacts, they were the first pair of circle lenses I ever got, but I have worn corrective contacts for years, plus cosmetic ones for cosplay, but these are amazing. My eyes are dark brown normally, so the color is a dark purple, but the enlargement is fantastic. I can't stop looking at my eyes! Also, these are very comfortable, even though I have minor astigmatism. I'll be back soon! ^_^

Perfect Color

I didn't think they would make a difference with my black eyes but they did, i love the colors together, it looks natural but not. They are Pink! I would give 5 stars but I can see the rim of the color at times.

Super Cute!!!!

They came in such nice packaging too! These are gorgeous on my honey/hazel eyes. They blend in really well, so I recommend these to any other light brown eyed gals who are struggling to find a color that works. They don't look too unnatural, but they definitely still look pink on me. And they are pretty comfy. :3

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