Hana SPC Super Ring Brown Color Contact Lens

Hana SPC Super Ring Brown Circle Lens

Vendor: Vassen
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jeewoon Sohn
I got these free from the XMas Promo

Very natural and subtle enlargement the color matches perfectly with my eyes.


wooow this lens was super comfy and natural looking one. i love it, actually i got the the another color,black, last month. i'll shout out these are amazing natural looking ones. i'll definitely make purchase later one , fighting ;)

Hyojin kim
This is not too natural but comfortable

I had dali for my first lens and i got this product after. From the picture i thought this one is similar to dali rown but after i got em it wasnt natural as it was on the picture. The lens was bigger than i thought so ppl noticed right away. But i like them overall its comfortable goes well with my eyecolor.

My second order from Candy Lens

and I LOVE these!
I realized what the issue was with the fogginess of my vision. my pupils are naturally big so its better for me to have the circle lends with clear middle. so I just got the ring lens instead. These are definitely more comfortable... you can see a very slight increase in the size of my pupils. the black accents a little more than the brown. (yes, I purchased the brown ones as well). it looks really natural and also is very comfortable.
these are going to be my favorites!!!

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