Hana SPC Super Ring Black Color Contact Lens

Hana SPC Super Ring Black Circle Lens

Vendor: Vassen
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Customer Reviews

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Moon Archy
Super Cool!


Stephanie Fernandez (Chicago, US)

Love love love these! Definitely make a difference on my appearance ❤️👌🏼

Stephanie (Canley Vale, AU)
Nice Lenses

I ordered these a while ago and they came quickly and look great. they’re comfortable to the point where i even forget i’m wearing contacts. high recommend.

Natural and Flattering

I've never worn lenses before the Hana SPC. I have 20/20 vision and wearing lenses for cosmetic reasons never interested me. One day I just said why not? Did some research, learned how to care for lenses and everything just to make sure mistreatment wouldn't ruin them or my eyes. I'll admit, first time putting them in was a STRUGGLE! After 10 minutes of trying to put them in (I was persistent!) my eyes were pretty pink and getting adjusted to them was difficult. I could only stare forward, looking inwards was okay, but looking to the left in my left eye and the right in my right eye sucked. I kept them in for two hours so my eyes can get comfortable with them...it got better but it still irritated my eyes. When I took them out, soaked them in the solution I got, and wore them last night to my friend's birthday dinner, it was still difficult for me to get them in but they were more comfortable. There were times during the dinner I thought they'd fallen out or something because I couldn't feel them. For a first time contact lense wearer, for them to get that comfortable after one night even though they're 'hard lenses' is pretty impressive.

Enlargement: ✭✭✭✩✩ When I was researching circle lenses it seemed that 14mm was natural and 15mm was huge. So opting for the middle had me thinking it would give a natural enlargement to get that dolly look. Apparently my irises are at least 14.2mm so it wasn't much of a noticeable difference. I guess you could say it's a good and bad thing because nobody noticed a difference. My boyfriend noticed my eyes were more defined but that's just because of the super ring. My next order will probably be a 14.7 or 14.8.

Comfort: ✭✭✭✭✭ This rating is based on how I actually thought they'd fallen out last night. I was REALLY impressed because it was such an improvement from the first night I wore them. My suggestion, do what I did and just wear them around the house for a few hours and see how your eyes feel. Also, ge...

My second order from Candy Lens

and I LOVE these!
I realized what the issue was with the fogginess of my vision. my pupils are naturally big so its better for me to have the circle lends with clear middle. so I just got the ring lens instead. These are definitely more comfortable... you can see a very slight increase in the size of my pupils. the black accents a little more than the brown. (yes, I purchased the brown ones as well). it looks really natural and also is very comfortable.
these are going to be my favorites!!!

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