Geo Medical Geo Ultra CK105 (XCK-105)
Geo Medical Geo Ultra CK105 (XCK-105)
Geo Medical Geo Ultra CK105 (XCK-105)
Geo Medical Geo Ultra CK105 (XCK-105)

Geo Ultra CK105 (XCK-105)

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: XCK-105
Subtotal: $22.90

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Sara Sirin (Berlin, DE)
Circle lenses

they are gorgeous lenses and you don't feel them after some time, which makes them very comfortable

G.I.A. (Durham, US)
Looks Perfect!

I have naturally dark brown eyes and it really gives a doll effect when I wear these lenses. They don't look natural at all but that's the vibe that you want to get by wearing big circle lenses with the same color as your irises anyway. I love them, and I wear them on the daily too!

Alyssa Gorham (Orangevale, US)
Instagram: gorhamalyssa
Beautiful Lens!!

They look beautiful, I got prescription since I have poor vision and it matches my eyesight well. Sometimes they will move every time I blink but I flip them inside out and that usually fixes it. I've noticed my eye twitches sometimes when I wear them so I don't wear them all the time.

Erika Garcia (Kyle, US)
Instagram: Don’t have one
Circle lens

Love them

Jordan Weir

Looking So Beautiful

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