Geo Super Size Angel Gray Color Contact Lens
Geo Medical Geo Super Size Angel Gray
Geo Medical Geo Super Size Angel Gray

Geo Super Size Angel Gray

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: XCM-215
Subtotal: $22.90

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Customer Reviews

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Joy Saavedra
Comfortable :)

LOVE MY CONTACTS :) thank youu very much


I absolutely love these! They're super comfortable and I've gotten so many compliments on them. The only downside is that when you're in direct sunlight, your natural eye color is obvious. Other than that, these are great!

i love the color but its was to dolly looking for me:(

i love the color but it was to big and too dolly looking for me,can anyone help me find one like this but instead of 14.8mm i prefer 14mm to around 14.5mm please any suggestions,this looked a lil scary the color was perfect just what i was lookin for but it was wayyyy to big my friends thought i was on crack

Very Impressed.!~

I got these yesterday which first of all was earlier than the tracker said.
Second, presentation was just amazing. The wrapping, to the letter that was hand written.
The case was super cute and they gave me the color I asked for!
Moving on to the contacts, the color's kinda dark, but it looks pretty natural for a gray.
I got prescripted ones, and they are perfect.
They feel like my regular clear contacts.
They really brighten, largen, and doll my eyes. With make up it is soo adorable.!~
Definately buying again in the near future!~


I loved the packaging first of all! second of all they make my eyes look bigger, and you can kind of see my natural brown in my eye, meaning you can tell theyre fake but they are really cute i love the grayish blue in them. I really like them though! A little uncomfortable to put in at first but you get use to them .

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