Geo Super Nudy Gray Color Contact Lens
Geo Medical Geo Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625)
Geo Medical Geo Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625)
Geo Medical Geo Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625)
Geo Medical Geo Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625)

Geo Super Nudy Gray (XCH-625)

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: XCH-625
Subtotal: $22.90

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kayer Vang-Xiong
This is my favorite circle lens!

My natural eye color is dark brown
I love these, they look so natural and yet enhancing. So comfortable to wear. It makes people's head turn and look a second time because they appear natural yet they stand out.

Jennifer Berndt
My Favorite Contacts!

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown
These were my first circle lens from candylens and they're one of my favorites because of the dolly effect they have and how comfortable they are

Anna Dominique Racaza
Twinkle on my eyes!

Love the Geo Super Nudy Gray that I got last week. Just made another order for new circle lenses, I'm excited to get them soon! Thanks for the amazing customer service 😍

Karen Gabay
Can wear them all day!

They look so natural, on my dark eyes they actually look lighter than the picture above. Makes my eyes super doll eyes with a natural tone of gray added to my dark eyes. I absolutely love them as well as the Geo brand they are so comfortable. I now own one of each color from candylens and will not order elsewhere, they have the best deal here for my blind prescription eyes.

anjelica mariano (Henderson, US)
The best!

I love these! My favorite pair of contact lenses.

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