Geo Bella Blue Color Contact Lens
Geo Medical Geo Bella Blue

Geo Bella Blue

Vendor: Geo Medical
SKU: BS-202
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Saruru (Helsinki, FI)
Instagram: @sallamarjatuulikki
Cute and doll-like

They feel good and look pretty and not ”too much” on my light blue eyes. They arent natural but more doll/anime-like. Definitely recommending these for light-eyed people who are looking for enlargening circle lenses that pop.

PC (Kyoto, JP)

use this almost everyday! super comfortable and would recommend to anyone!

Not natural looking on light eyes

I have light green/grey eyes and wanted something that was going to look natural to enhance my current eye color.

The Geo Bella Blue are VERY comfortable to wear but sadly do not look natural at all. The dark blue outer shade/limbal ring is very unnatural on my light eyes, even with this being a smaller diameter lens. I much prefer my Geo Nudy Blues for looking natural -- with those people can't tell what's different and I like that!

Bonnie Alexander
Good, but not bright

I like these but they are not very bright. I'll go back to my old blue ones next time. I reviewed these and a couple more in this video:

Deep blue sea

These take my naturally blue eyes and make them magic! Very, very comfortable, too. Much more so than a toric.

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