Royal Candy Royal Candy White Zombie Halloween Lens (with prescription)
Royal Candy White Zombie Halloween Contact Lens
Royal Candy Royal Candy White Zombie Halloween Lens (with prescription)

White Zombie Halloween Lens (with prescription)

Vendor: Royal Candy
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
V (Lompoc, US)
Look awesome

Worked great with my costume and were a hit!

Rachel (Grand Rapids, US)
Instagram: Raerysdyk
Comfortable and Stunning

I bought these contacts for a Halloween, winter fae costume. The contacts were so shocking when people made eye contact. So perfect!

Celeste Constancio (Vicksburg, US)

It added such a nice look to my Halloween costume!

Aloe spooky, aloe spooky 😍

Estáis preparando cosas para este Halloween? ☠️👻🎃
~ Es la primera vez que hago un body Paint y bueno he hecho lo que he podido con los materiales que tenía 😅 creo que es bastante mejorable pero para ser el primero que hago no me voy a quejar mucho... espero que le deis mucho apoyo👀✨

Lanie (Friendswood, US)
Instagram: napalmwithnovocaine
*Perfect* for my Vanya Hargreeves (Umbrella Academy) costume!

These work perfectly for my costume! And they're completely comfortable. After a few minutes, I don't even feel them in my eyes, although I can see a bit of a white hue in the periphery of my vision. Almost like I'm living in a vignette filter. My friends who don't know the reference find them incredibly "creepy," but my fellow Umbrella Academy fans LOVE them!!!

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