EOS New Adult Red Circle Lens - Candylens
EOS EOS New Adult Red Circle Lens

عدسات لاصقة بلون أحمر جديدة للبالغين من EOS

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Anastasia Kasdaglis
♡ AVCon 2019 ♡

Luka Cosplay - Vocaloid 2 ~ Anti the Holic
(one eye Adult Red, another eye Adult Green)

Natural dark red contacts!

To be red i think they are quite natural. They can go quite unnoticed in the street, but if you look closely, they are red. It is the ones that i least notice my own color, which i love. They are vey comfortable and do not bother. Highly recommend them!

Alexia L.
Preparing for my coming comic con!

My friend recommend this for me. super easy to put in and the color is fantastic! It's deep red but very obvious yet natural, it's like twilight/vampire eyes!

Marie-Noel Cyr (Ottawa, CA)
Not for dry eyes

The lenses were easy to put in and comfortable to wear at first. I felt no discomfort upon putting them in and the lenses did not obscure my vision. The red colour was quite striking even with my medium-dark brown eyes. I ordered quite strong lenses, -6.5 and -7.0, and the correction was good and allowed me to see well. However I do have a dry eye problem and the lenses did dry out very quickly, more so than my usual prescription lenses. I definitely recommend having artificial tears on hand while wearing these lenses.

Maka (Toledo, ES)

I love the color. Are perfect and very comfortable

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