EOS King Size Circle Violet - Candylens
EOS EOS King Size Circle Violet

EOS King Size Circle Violet

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Customer Reviews

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Emma Balazs
Matches my hair, LOL

Simply awesome!

Helen Li (Toronto, CA)

Show up more indigo on my dark brown eyes but very bright!!

Absolutely love

I don't normally leave reviews but I have to say, I LOVE these lenses. The purple is such a pretty colour and it shows up extremely well on my dark brown eyes. From a certain lighting and distance they sometimes appear gray but once up close, you can definitely see the purple colour.

They're also super comfortable! I can wear them for about 10-12 hours (terrible, I know) without them itching or anything. In fact, the only time they ever bother me is when I haven't slept or need to sleep.

The enlargement on these is perfect. Definitely one of my favourite lenses out of the 6 or so pairs I own!


These lenses were the most uncomfortable pair of circles lenses I have ever owned. I'm not new to lenses and I thought it would just take some time to get used to but that was just not the case with this particular pair. These caused me physical pain and I honestly cannot wear them. I don't even know how I was able to endure them for so long at an anime convention. The service is great, it always has been. Fast shipping and cute lens case, it's just the lens itself that I was unhappy with :/ It's always a gamble with circle lenses, I suppose.

The color also wasn't too great. I have dark almost black eyes and the color was very subdued because of that. You couldn't really tell in pictures unless I heavily edited them. This won't be good for cosplay, but it could be good for someone who's looking for just a tad bit of pizzaz to their eyes. It's a very natural purple.

My New Favorites!

I have these and the Brown ones from this design. This is my new favorite from my lens collection thus far! Do note that I have dark brown eyes.
Enlargement - 6/5 - The black ring on the outer edge of the lens create the best enlargement effect!
Color - 5/5 - The picture DOES NOT do justice to this lens in Violet AT ALL. From afar,it appears dark (think dark grey/blue). Only up close would you see the violet color.
Comfort - 5/5 - EOS is my favorite brand and this series is no exception! I can wear this for up to 10 hours with no problems.

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