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EOS EOS Briller Gray

EOS Briller Gray

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Charlee (Atlanta, US)

My 1st time buying CandyLens (a different color- Ntrl Gray- the subtle gray), and they surprised me with this free "mystery" pair- bold BRILLER Gray. LUHV IT! This allowed me to see I can do a lighter, bolder look without looking too crazy. They really pop in the light and look good against chocolate skin. At some angles, can appear to have a bluish/greenish tint upon light reflecting.

☆So kyute and so kool!☆

Also, packaging was adorbes!!😍

Nicholette (Seattle, US)

I’m so in love will EOS Briller grey contacts. They make me look very romantic. They aren’t kidding when they say “eyes of seduction”! The Briller grey ones have a very slight pale blue tinge to them. I love that they don’t have silly patterns and love the very pretty subtle limbal ring. My brother was born with natural blue/green eyes so I knew I could pull these hazel ones off. My grandma’s eyes are also naturally green. I wasn’t so lucky, but I was able to “buy” this pretty hazel color so I’m happy. They are, so far in 5 years and about 30 plus different styles I’ve ordered, my number one favorite lenses. I saw them on a girl on YouTube. I have dark skin and I wasn’t sure how they would be. They work great. They are extra pouty and sexy and will mesmerize your “fans”. haha They do not look fake in the slightest bit. They are not TOO blue. Just a pretty hazel effect. If you want to thrill the masses with mystery get these. People always fawn and say you have the prettiest eyes and I have to disclose that they’re contacts (cuz I’m honest).

love them so much!

my review is similar to others, very natural gray contacts for my dark brown eyes, very comfortable!

Perfect Gray

These lenses look super on my dark Asian eyes. They always make me look sexy and stunning with makeup! Would recommend for any event or a night out with the girls, but might be a bit too much for daily and the office in my opinion (unless your office is lax). Thanks Candylens!

Jen Jen

I've been looking for natural looking grey lenses for awhile now and I am soo happy I found these. I have dark brown eyes and the colors changed dramatically without making it look too fake. The color does look a bit more blue than grey on my eyes but I love the color either way. I have ordered other grey lenses from pinky paradise before but their lenses made my eyes sting when I first put them on but these are so comfortable and super cute! I recommend these lenses to everyone looking for grey contacts :3

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