EOS Dolly Eye Violet Color Circle Lens
EOS Dolly Eye Violet Circle Lens

Dolly Eye Violet Circle Lens

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Customer Reviews

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peachy (Sydney, AU)
Instagram: peachrio_cos
vibrant colour!!

the colour of these contacts is super vibrant and so pretty!! 10/10 would recommend.

Love this 💜💜🖤

MeMe-Chan!💕✨ Shes back!!💖 It’s been a real hot minute since I did this cosplay so I hope you’re as excited as I am!!🥰✨ Also, these very lovely lenses were sent to me by @candylensdotcom - If you’re looking for lenses I highly recommend that you check them out!💜✨ •

Alisha Marie Cottingham‎
Dolly Eye Violet for my upcoming Yin cosplay!

Pretty vibrant Violet on my eyes

Kristina Stuntebeck (Minneapolis, US)
Fun and comfortable!

I purchased these for a Sam Manson (Danny Phantom) cosplay, but was also able to utilize them for a character I designed in a makeup course. It was my first experience with contacts, so putting them in and removing them took a while, but I found them comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods of time. The color really pops! Contacts are such a simple yet powerful way to completely change a look. I love candylens!

Jennifer Polko (Burlington, CA)
Perfect purple!

I used these lenses for my cosplay of Iwamine Shuu from the Hatoful Boyfriend games. They were super comfortable and vibrant, definitely eye catching! I have hazel eyes and the lenses were very bright on top of them and looked stunning! I would highly recommend these lenses for any purple eyed cosplay or costume!

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