Buy 1 Free 1 Xmas Sales 2022


🎅 🎄❄️ Terms & Conditions 🎅 🎄❄️

1. Enter coupon code SNOW2022 upon checkout to enjoy Buy 1 Free 1 offer.

**How the promotion works?

- If you add to cart 2 pairs lenses, 1 of them (lowest price item) will be FREE
- If you add to cart 4 pairs lenses, 2 of them (lowest price item) will be FREE
- If you add to cart 6 pairs of lenses, 3 of them (lowest price item) will be FREE

and so on...

TIPS: It is not necessary to purchase the same product for this promotion to work.

Eg. If purchase 1 pair of Geo Angel Brown $19.90 and 1 pair of Vassen Twilight Pink $25.90, you'll get Geo Angel Brown for free.

NOTE: Maximum FREE lenses for the SAME PRODUCT is 5. 

- For example, if you add to cart 12 pairs of Geo Angel Brown, 5 of them will be FREE (NOT 6, because maximum free lenses for the same product is 5)

2. FREE lenses applicable for all colored contacts (except Bionics, Colourvue, Flash, Monthly Lenses and Clearance Sales items)

    3. Valid till 31st Dec 2022 only

    4.We reserves the right to change, amend, delete or add the activity of terms & conditions without prior notice at any time.